Maternity + Newborn Portrait Offer
Maternity + Newborn Portrait Offer

This package includes TWO separate photo shoots. The first is done while you are in the later stages of your pregnancy - but not too late! While you are still comfortable with your bump, and looking beautifully radiant! It is best taken together with your partner so we can get some intimate photos of the love you share while waiting for your bundle of happiness to come into the world. This will be a great opportunity for you to see our lovely studio, get some beautifully intimate photos of yourselves, and find out exactly what to expect and how to prepare for the newborn shoot. A few weeks later we will welcome you back for part two of your photo package, with the newest little member of your family!

Newborn sessions are for babies under 2 weeks old, ideally around 7-10 days old on the date of the session, as after this time they can lose their ability to get into those lovely curled up poses, and they can be less sleepy. Its best to book during pregnancy as the diary fills very quickly. Newborn sessions are ONLY done Monday to Friday.

Before the session, we will discuss your favourite styles, and how to prepare for your session, and I will work with you to capture the type of images you will cherish forever. Please allow 3 hours for your newborn session, this will give us time for feeding, nappy changes, etc.

Two beautifully mounted 7x5" prints of your choice, one from each session

Value 375 Web Voucher 95